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Janel Hutton
About Me
Hey there! I’m Janel (aka NellieBellie–a childhood nickname.) I grew up as the oldest of 10, was in youth and children's ministry for 8 years, and am a mom of 2 teens. I have seen first hand how important of a connection food and family is.

 I’m telling anyone who will pay attention about the power sitting at the table with a home-cooked meal has to create memories, relationships, and solve world peace. And giving resources to help and encourage.

I’m totally serious right now. This world needs a good piece of chocolate cake.

And I know if you are like me, you might be plain tired and overwhelmed with the idea of cooking and shopping and ALL the things. 

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Skills: A little of everything
Starting things. Getting “pretty good” at things. Cleaning. Talking. Being kind. Sharing. Dressing up. Decorating. Painting (gross!). Growing things outside (but I don’t currently have a garden.). Cakes. Soups. Cocktails. Breads. Salads. Coffee. Basically, all food. I’m crazy good at it. Being creative. Planning parties. Speaking. Making people feel comfy. Hosting parties.

Let’s not get into what I’m not good at. Pretty much everything. I am crazy good at starting to learn something, realizing I learned it and moving on to the next thing. Which means, of course, I never get really good at something. Just good at a lot of things. A Jack of All Trades…that’s me!
Family: alot of them!
The oldest of ten kids, I’m incredibly bossy. But am usually always right (no really, it’s true! I know when to pick a fight and that, my friend, is the key to seeming super smart). 

The rule in my home is that the oldest never has to give up their seat. Which means, I always have a comfy spot to sit while my kids (younger than my siblings. Well, my oldest is older than my youngest sibling.) often are on the floor.

Yes, I am the oldest of ten. I've been married over 20 years, have 2 mostly grown kids, a dog, and a totally lovely life in a cute little town in Minnesota.

I honestly can't remember the last time I cooked for only a few, I'm always stretching and pushing recipes to feed as many as possible. You'll always find an extra body or two around for meals.

Join the weekly recipe challenges...
1 easy recipe only 1 time a week = You got this!
Life Motto: Chocolate cake solves world peace
I’m not a proper chef. You probably aren’t a proper chef. But heck if that stops me (or should it, you) from making the VERY BEST HOME-COOKED recipes you've probably ever had. Don’t let it stop you!

My Minnesota kitchen is currently in the beginning stages of remodeling and is an utter mess. In fact, I have never had a kitchen with fancy equipment, upgraded appliances, or any of the “pro” stuff. Probably like many of you, my kitchen is simple, often cluttered, and always full of dirty dishes. 

My recipes aren’t fussy, or difficult. They are everyday meals we have in our home, or with our friends, or for a celebration. We make and eat everything on this site. I’m telling you, even if a contributor or guest writes a recipe my family makes it and tries it before it makes it way to the site.

I want you to know that these recipes are tried and true REAL parts of my family’s Minnesota life. They aren’t glamorous. They might not always be healthy. Sometimes they will. Because you and I live lives that have a bit of mess and glam rolled into one fabulous life.

Join the weekly recipe challenges...
1 easy recipe only 1 time a week = You got this!
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